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Terms of Service:

EigerHost provides WebHosting service to the people all over the world. We have responsible to protect each clients and provide best services.
You must provide us with the accurate and updated contact details like address, email ID & etc. If you have given inactive email address, we will stop the service with you. User's information will not be under any circumstance, sold, reused, rented, loaned, distributed, or otherwise disclosed to any third party. 

All services provided by EigerHost may be used for lawful purposes only. Users are ultimately responsible for all contents and actions taken under their respective accounts.
Unacceptable contents:

    IP Spoofing, Making DDoS attacks, Hacking
    Hyip, Money Laundering, Ponzi Scheme
    Virus, Trojan, Malware
    Child Porn
    Bank Debentures, Bank Debenture Trading Programs, Phishing Sites
    Mail Bombers, Spam Scripts
    UGG Replica
    Botnet Controllers, Malicious Bots
    Scam, Fraudulent Sites
Depending of nature of content policy violation, EigerHost reserve rights to disable your account with or without warning.
Commercial bulk e-mails, mail bombing and spam are strictly prohibited on our network. If we find any one do this, we will deactivate the account without refund.

System Resources:

If EigerHost's system administrators determines that a customer's account is utilizing high resource usage on Shared or VPS Hosting, we will immediately deactivate the service for temporarily.
We will send proper notice to the customers to upgrade your package to VPS/Dedicated Servers or move to other provider within 7 days.

Customers should pay on or before the due date to maintain our relationship for long term.

Invoice Generation & Notices
- EigerHost will generate Invoice for services 7 days before due date
- Payment reminder will be sent 3 days before due date
- First Overdue Reminder will be sent to you 1 day after due date
- Second Overdue Reminder will be sent to you 2 days after due date
- Third Overdue Reminder will be sent to you 3 days after due date

Suspension of services & Late Fees:
- Shared, Reseller, VPS or Dedicated Hosting Services will automatically suspend 48h after due date.
- If Customer do not pay within 5 days from due date, EigerHost will apply 05% Late Fee to due invoice(s).

Termination of services due non payment:
- Shared Hosting will be terminated 15 days after due date.
- Reseller Hosting will be terminated 7 days after due date.
- VPS Hosting will be terminated 7 days after due date.

Exception of the above rules, EigerHost is flexible and understand the customer's situation. If customer can't pay on time, EigerHost must be informed atleast 3 days ago from the due date with the proper reason by email us on
If for any reason you would like to cancel your service, please submit a cancellation request from the EigerHost client panel (, or as a written request via support ticket in the Sales department. All customer data and backups remaining after the cancellation date will be destroyed permanently. Please note that selecting "immediate cancellation" will result in full and complete termination of customer data within 6 hours of cancellation.
15 Days Refund Guarantee:
In the event that you are not satisfied with our services, EigerHost offers you a 15 Day Refund Guarantee for shared web hosting and VPS hosting services only.
While EigerHost takes pride in upholding its refund guarantee, and does not aim to deceive or mislead any Customer, the following circumstances under which a full refund is requested will be denied or subject to the exclusive discretion of EigerHost to approve or deny:

  • Non-usage of services.
  • Incompatibility of specific software with the Company's services.
  • Financial concerns.
  • Suspension due to incoming or outgoing DoS/DDoS attack(s).
  • Suspension due to any other violation of the TOS or PP.
  • Force majeur.
  • Other unforeseen personal circumstances.

The refund guarantee will extend for fifteen (15) calendar days beyond the date of account opening, for payments made to EigerHost within that time. Refunds requested after 30 days of account opening, or denied money-back refund requests made within 30 days of account opening, will be provided in the form of account credit at the discretion of EigerHost.
Refunds approved and processed according to the 15 Days Refund Guarantee will take the form of a reversal of the Customer's payment to the original funding source, or as account credit at the discretion of the Customer.
Payments made via direct bank transfer are NON-REFUNDABLE.
Payments, or portions of payments, made for the following are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE, regardless of refund eligibility based on the above criteria:

  • Software licenses.
  • Managed support work that has been completed.
  • Domain registrations, SSL certificates, and security add-ons.
  • Any management, setup, processing, or other one-time fees.

EigerHost reserves the right to approve or deny all refunds.
Account Activation:
Once the payment has been verified from 2checkout
Shared/Reseller account will be activated instantly.
VPS will be activated within 1 to 8 hrs. 

Staff Abuse:
At EigerHost, we always treat our customers with the utmost respect and we expect the same from you as well. If our staff feels that you are consistently addressing them in a demeaning or rude manner, your account may be suspended and you may be asked to take your business elsewhere.
In the event that we terminate service for support abuse, customers will be given 7 days notice to find a new host. We will issue a refund only for the unused portion of pre-paid service.
Failure to Follow Policies:
Failure to follow EigerHost's polices, the account will be suspended or deactivated without any refund.


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